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10 Timeless Vintage Watches Under $500

10 Timeless Vintage Watches Under $500

When you are spending lots of money on a particular brand, you need to know if that’s the best thing to do. Unfortunately, not many people focus on that. They need quality wristwatch, and for that, they spend a lot of money. But before you go for something big, try to research on the wristwatch brands the average quality of the products they produce. First time when you see something with an excellent design and a considerable price tag, you want to grab it.

Similarly, when days pass, new things appear on the market, and you feel like you want them too. You should go for a wristwatch within your budget and looks classy no matter how many times you use it. However, vintage watches can never get old because they have a unique style.

Bulova A17A Mil-Spec

Who like military watches? Then let’s check out this Bulova A17A Mil-Spec which become so much popular after landing into the middle to high and only available in 100$. A New York, City-based timepieces maker, created this watch mainly for the air force during the Korean war.

Longines Flagship

Longines is a Swiss watchmaker and once was the most significant competitor of Rolex wristwatches. They had their kind of style by then, but now it is not that popular and its competitors Rolex and Omega are ruling the world. If you are searching for a vintage watch at an affordable price, you can check out Longines Flagship watches which are available under


Rado Starliner

Rado Starliner is an old name in the list of timepieces makers. It is producing impressive and technically well-driven watches for like a hundred years. Their watches are fun and creative, making them fit for any collection.

Tissot Visodate

Tissot Visodate is another Swiss wristwatch brand which was founded in 1853, well-known for generating luxurious watches. For those who are looking for some beautiful vintage design watches, can view their styles.

Girard Perregaux Gyromatic

Girard Perregaux Gyromatic wristwatches will look good on any purpose, and you can wear them with any outfit. This watch surprisingly comes for under 500$.

Hamilton Brock

Looking for something more unique, more than normal-sized? This Hamilton Brock wristwatch is what you need. It came in the marker between the year of 1939 and 1952 and made of the 14K gold case; it is available around $500.

Bulova Oceanographer Snorkel 666

The funny thing is that there are so many great and affordable vintage watches available for you to buy. And among them, undoubtedly, stands out at the top. It is cost-friendly, stylish, and fashionable. Though it comes in vintage style, it is no less than a fantastic modern watch.

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Grand Seiko Hi-Beat

It came from a Japanese watchmaker brand in the 1960s and 1970s. It is attractive and affordable, fit for any purpose.

Omega Seamaster

Those who grew up buying Omega watches will be surprised after knowing that Omega Seamaster is available under only $500. It is the 60s, and 70s watch that adds a classy look into your outfit.

Jaeger Lecoultre Memovox

The best thing about vintage watches is that you are getting Jaeger Lecoultre Memovox around 500$ to look stylish at any event.

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