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5 Best Hand Watch Ideas For You

5 Best Hand Watch Ideas For You

The watch prices used to be a bit on the expensive side. However, when recessions hit, purse strings got tightened, which in turn bred a new kind of best hand watch expert – one who had knowledge and discernment but no longer possessed the readies for an investment purchase.


Best Hand Watch – Citizen Promaster Diver


This piece is the best hand watch for divers, which comes with a chronometer too. Like most Citizen watches, it works via eco-drive. This mechanism is the first solar movement that uses solar cells placed below the dial. It claims to provide power up to six-month.

It also has a classic 6, 9, and 12 o’clock subdial design and is safe up to 200m, which is ideal for Scuba divers. A 45mm size, however, covers much of the wrist, so you might want to change watches when you’re out of the waters.

5 Best Hand Watch Ideas For You

5 Best Hand Watch Ideas For You

Baltic HMS 001 Blue Gilt


This brand had watch experts talking before even it launched in the market. This presence tells a lot about the appeal of these vintage-inspired pieces.

Etienne Malec, the Baltic founder, took ideas for his brand from the old papers that recorded his father’s retro watch expenses. All their pieces are automatics, using Chinese Seagull or famous Japanese Miyota movements. Moreover, although crafted in China, assembly and QC happen in France.

This piece may be the best hand watch for those who prefer some classy retro look.


Tissot Every Time Swiss-Matic


If you are a fan of extremely rated Swiss automatics, there is no need to look further than the brand Tissot. However, this is a fair trade even by Tissot’s morals.

Its secret of making an automatic for such generous prices is by the use of machine-made aids. It has a metal case, coupled with a rotor, and a three-day power reserve. And at the end is the best hand watch for a minimalist everyday wearer with a modern taste.

5 Best Hand Watch Ideas For You

5 Best Hand Watch Ideas For You

Best Hand Watch – Bulova Automatic


This brand may be famed for its tuning-fork machinery, but it also makes decent watches too. This piece is a lovely dress watch being a gaze stealer owing to the opening at the mark of six.

Rather than the absolute joy provided by the balancing wheel, all that’s left of the dial is simple. Going for grey tones instead of blacks makes this an elegant dress watch with a touch of fashion.


Scurfa Diver One


Watches for divers don’t get more durable than this one. In 2014, Scurfa was created by watch fanatic and deep-sea diver Paul (Scurfa) Scurfield after he saw that divers and staff personnel didn’t have watches when the costs of vintage Rolexes jumped up making them too dear to use in an unsafe area.

Although the looks fail to stand out from other diver pieces in the market, the professionals prefer it – Scurfield even tested the first Diver One by himself. Something that reassures that this is the best hand watch for deep divers.

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