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Apple Watch Experts Reviews

Apple Watch Reviews

Apple is known for regularly releasing models to exceed their previous ones. From their phones, laptops, down to their smartwatches, Apple never disappoints. Apple fans and watch experts would agree on how efficient their watches are, given also the popularity and demand from the public.

Recently, Apple had already released 7 Apple watch models. If you are curious and interested in Apple watches’ specs and features, these Apple watch reviews will guide you to see which ones the best for you.

Discontinued models

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Some of the previous models are no longer available. However, you might want to check the Apple Watch reviews to see how far Apple watches have changed. Although Apple has discontinued models, it is not a sign that the watches were not a hit. Most reasons why the company discontinues some models is because they are brewing something more efficient and worth their customer’s money.

Series 1 and Series 2

These are one of the first smartwatch models of Apple. The base features of the Apple Watch included GPS, heart monitor, Bluetooth, and a dual-core processor.

Series 4

Series 4 is almost the same as Series 5, arguably a cheaper version of it. Series 4 is the first model that offers WIFI and cellular connectivity.

Apple Watch in the Market

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Series 3

This series is the cheapest Apple watch in the market right now. It’s also the first model to have water-resistant and emergency SOS features. It also has a faster processor but the same 8GB capacity as the first series.

Although Series 3 has a shorter battery life, this is still a great watch. If you are on a budget, Series 3 offers all of your basic needs and will help you in your daily activities.

Series 5

Still one of the most advanced Apple Watch, Series 5 has added new features like the always-on retina display. Its screen is more extensive compared to Series 3 and is also slimmer. It also has a faster processor chip and has an ultra-low-power display driver that helps conserve battery.

With Series 5, Apple partnered up with Nike and Hermes to create a different design that is suitable to your liking. Series 5 comes in different colors and materials. It’s also available on various straps.

Series 6 and SE

These two are the latest 2020 Apple Watches. Series 6 is advanced as ever. Its health features can now monitor your blood oxygen level and ECG. It has the fastest processor yet in Apple Watch History.

The SE is also a great affordable watch. It’s the middle ground between Series 5 and 6. An inexpensive high tech watch that you can have.

Final Thoughts

Whether or not you are an Apple fan, you will truly love their smartwatches. All of their released smartwatches have been approved by watch experts, and it is widely known to be reliable and efficient when connected to your phone.

These Apple watch reviews that are mentioned in this article should help you decide what Apple watch you should buy. Choose the best series that will suit you, and you will never regret the decision you will make.

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