Smart Watch Reviews - 3 Watches That You Should Try In 2020 - Smart Watch Reviews - 3 Watches That You Should Try In 2020 -

Smart Watch Reviews – 3 Watches That You Should Try In 2020

Smartwatches are not just for seeing the time but are also a fitness tracker, phone, and a wallet all into one. A great smartwatch can also save your life by noting your heart rate and calling the emergency services in case there is an emergency. You can also check the electrocardiogram and blood oxygen in some smart watches today. 

The best smartwatches help you in more ways than one and also in the easiest way. Some of these watches allow you to download many apps that you can use easily. And some of these watches allow you to go through the day in one single charge and some even allow you to go one week on a single charge. These are the top smart watch reviews that you can buy this year. All these smart watch reviews are great for buying the best watch to lead an easy life.

Apple Watch Series 6

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This Apple watch is the best smartwatch by Apple till now that you can buy this year. This watch has all the best features of the series 5 which includes health features and an always-on display. You can also enjoy a brighter screen and also find out your blood oxygen with this watch. Also, the watch comes in color for the first time and all the colors are equally eye catching. You can also enjoy a faster charging in this watch which is such a relief. So, you do not need to keep it overnight, you just need 90 minutes to get it fully charged up.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

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This is one of the most beautiful smartwatches that you can buy and the functionality is also fantastic. There are some LTE variants that allow you to leave your phones at home without any issues. The rotating bezel makes the interface very easy to use and you can customize a number of watch faces so that you can get the one. You can get a lot of storage capacity in this watch and the smart watch reviews are also great.  Also, you can use Samsung Pay on these watches and get some amazing fitness features that are also very useful.

Fitbit Versa 2

The Fitbit Versa 2 is one of the best Fitbit watches that you can get this year. You also get a built-in Alexa and some added sleep tracking features. Now, you can also check your blood saturation levels in the new version which is very essential these days. The cost of the watch is also very reasonable which is great if you are looking for a cheaper one. You also get the Spotify app so that you can navigate your music choices with the help of this.


These are the best smart watch reviews that you can buy as these ones are great and come with a lot of features. You can buy these watches from the store and also online. If you are looking for a smart watch that allows you to check your health and step out without your phone these are the best ones.

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