Some Of The Most Expensive Watch Ideas - Some Of The Most Expensive Watch Ideas -

Some Of The Most Expensive Watch Ideas

Some Of The Most Expensive Watch Ideas

Every watch enthusiast has a dream of buying watches that are exquisite, as well as expensive. After all, watches are a symbol of excellent craftsmanship and add to people’s personalities.

However, when we say expensive, we mean literally off the charts! Therefore, you will need a whole stash of money to get even one of these on your wrist.

However, what makes them so expensive?

You will find the answer as soon as you read about them. While some consist of titanium alloys, others are diamond-studded. Furthermore, you may even find some with space rocks inside. So, without waiting any longer, let’s discover the costliest timepieces out there.

Some Of The Most Expensive Watch Ideas

Some Of The Most Expensive Watch Ideas


Piaget Emperador Temple

Piaget’s Emperador Temple comes at an astonishing price of $3.3 million. It is a costly watch with a case studded with 481 of the finest of diamonds.

Besides, there are as many as 523 more diamonds on the watch body. Now, this is what we call a diamond masterpiece!

Moreover, it contains an Emerald placed beautifully at the top. Also, the unique rectangular shape of the various baguette diamonds makes it one of the most iconic watches from Piaget.


Patek Philippe 5004T Watch

The company produced this watch only for auctioning it to the public in 2013. Before, the 5004 series had already discontinued. The “T” on 5004T, symbolizes Titanium. Hence, the 5004T model is the only variant that has a titanium case.

When Patek Philippe unveiled it, there was quite a stir in the market. No one expected this timepiece to have a completely different look than its predecessors. It has more colors and a sporty styling which sets it apart from the crowd.

Besides, it garnered a price of £2,985,000 at the 2013 auction, and people have been longing for it ever since.


Louis Moinet Meteoris Watch

The Louis Moinet Meteoris ranks in the top twelve highest selling watches. It is a unique example of skill and craftsmanship that can take you away by its looks.

Moinet designed this tourbillon set of watches. Moreover, each one uses very high-quality materials. However, the essential feature of the Louis Moinet Meteoris collection is that it has a space rock inside them. Its is because of this reason that they used the name “Meteoris.” The stone can be from any heavenly body such as the Moon, a meteor, and even the Red Planet itself!

Now, coming to the price, the “Meteoris” comes as a set of four watches and costs around $4.6 million.

Some Of The Most Expensive Watch Ideas

Some Of The Most Expensive Watch Ideas


Hublot Big Bang

It is right to name it after the Big Bang, which created our Universe. It is because anyone who sees this watch for the first time gets astounded by the level of detail. As per the watchmaker’s claims, this is one of the most precious watches in their history.

It is a 44mm; white gold based watch encrusted with an astonishing 1,282 diamonds!

Moreover, it is self-winding with hands plated with rhodium.

Also, it looks like an advanced piece of machinery handed over to us by an alien race. Costing a staggering $5 million, it is undoubtedly, a one-of-a-kind timepiece.

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