Special Watches That Will Steal Everyone’s Heart

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With smartphones and other gadgets becoming very important to us these days, we have forgotten the importance of watches. Although watches cannot run your favourite apps, they surely have their influence. So, we have some special watches that will take your heart away at first glance. Each one is a complex piece of machinery put together immaculately to give us a sense of pride. Moreover, some of these can even monitor planets and phases of the moon! So, let’s read on below in detail.


Eone Bradley Special Watches


The Eone Bradley watch gives an entirely new definition to the word, “slick.” This watch lets you ”feel’ the time instead of telling it to you. Therefore, this timepiece works on the principle of magnetism. It has two magnetic ball bearings indicating hours and minutes respectively. All these features make it the most special watches. Moreover, even if the bearings go out of place, a shake of the wrist can bring them back to their correct position.

Special Watches That Will Steal Everyone’s Heart

Special Watches That Will Steal Everyone’s Heart

Trappist-1 Moonphase Watch


This watch is for those who have a love for astronomy. It takes its design from the Trappist-1 planetary system located 39 light-years away from the Earth.

It has many features that get it into the category of special watches. Two bright planets depict the time on this watch while the centre portion shows the faces of the moon. Moreover, its glass dome is of Hesalite, which is a material used in space watches. Besides, Hesalite also provides this watch unmatched durability so, and you can wear it almost anywhere.


Moon Meteorite Watch


This watch, apart from telling the time, can show you the current phase of the moon with breathtaking accuracy. It has a button that adjusts how much of the moon gets covered by Earth’s shadow.

It stimulates the shadow using a translucent disc. Moreover, to keep things detailed, the shadow can pass through the right or left; And, it depends on which hemisphere you are in currently.

Also, a unique feature of this watch is that it contains an actual asteroid fragment! Therefore, each watch has a different story to tell.

Special Watches That Will Steal Everyone’s Heart

Exclusive Watches That Will Steal Everyone’s Heart

Nava Ora Unica Special Watches


Out of the box thinking just reached new levels with the Nava Ora Unica.

Instead of using the traditional method, this exceptional watch depicts time using a squiggly line. Don’t get weirded out just yet because this is one of the most unique and special watches out there. While one end of the line shows the hour, the other shows the minutes. The designer Denis Guidone wanted to make something like never before. Moreover, he believed that it was not necessary for all watches to contain traditional arms. So, the result is before you.

Apart from the squiggle, this timepiece has a clean design and is also 30m water-resistant.

Moreover, this watch can turn heads and start conversations. So, be sure to wear this at parties and gatherings.

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