Stand Out From The Crowd: Gadget Watch - Stand Out From The Crowd: Gadget Watch -

Stand Out From The Crowd: Gadget Watch

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In today’s world, everything is so hectic, how great it would be if you have all the essential features at your hands. Well, a gadget watch does precisely that. If you have the money or a gadget fan, these watches may be to your liking.


Gadget Watch – Azimuth SP-1 Mecanique


This piece is one of Azimuth’s most advanced gadget watch. This timepiece is the flawless blend of space-age style and modern technical displays. It has a rendition of the space-view of Earth which turns after sixty seconds. It has a jumping hour coupled with a spinning disc at the minute hand’s base driven by Unitas 6497 movement and a Cotes de Geneve finish. This piece has a domed sapphire crystal screen with a stainless steel case. It uses a 3D minute hand and punched leather band with blue stitches. Also, It is water-resistant up to 3 bars. Finally, space blue dial with Super-Luminova hour signs and stardust makes an impact.

Stand Out From The Crowd: Gadget Watch

Stand Out From The Crowd: Gadget Watch

Polar RS600CX


Crafted by Polar, it is a gadget watch tuned multi-sport. It packs 80 features. The ambient temperature measuring, GPS, cadence, heart rate monitor, incline angle, velocity, and even averaged stride length display. You can use these feats with three distinct shoes. Alternatively, it can act as a cyclometer too. You can transfer all of this info can to PC via an IR source with ease. This piece also has an arsenal of speed and distance functions coupled with a pressure altimeter, which shows altitude.


Gadget Watch Sony LiveView


It is Sony Ericsson’s flagship smartwatch. It has Bluetooth features and can display missed calls, texts, and social media updates. The 128×128 pixel watch has a 1.3-inch OLED touch display. The piece pairs only with Android 2.0+ devices, a downer for iOS owners. It even supports Android apps and an MP3 player. Also, It is water-resistant. This watch can also take photos via a paired device. The brand has put in work to create about 400 apps for this gadget. The swappable straps keep this watch style flexible.


Samsung Galaxy Gear


This device is a gadget watch attempt by Samsung. The 320 x 320-pixel touchscreen is a 1.6-inch AMOLED and has 1.9MP primary camera on the strap. This device pairs with Samsung devices using Bluetooth and NFC. Also, it switches on whenever the hand is up. Also, the option to use various apps comes is there in this timepiece. It even packs voice notes and voice commands recognition to add events in the calendar. However, this watch has no GPS or Wi-Fi features, and it requires charging via a USB port.

Stand Out From The Crowd: Gadget Watch

Stand Out From The Crowd: Gadget Watch

Seiko Astron


This watch is the child of Seiko, a highly regarded brand. This stainless steel piece is solar-powered. It hides some cool tech under its chic design. This watch is the world’s first Solar piece with GPS. The Astron flaunts GPS driven time zone tuning, world time zones identified by satellite, and a calendar. Atomic time tuning via GPS Satellites is a real head-turner. This watch has an accuracy of ±15 Seconds a Month when the automatic synchronization with the satellites is turned off. For regular plane travelers, Airplane mode is present which disables automatic synchronization while flying.

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