The Best Female Watches And Brands

The Best Female Watches And Brands

We can figure out someone’s personality by looking at the watch they wear. Women, especially like a timepiece that is slim, elegant and adds to their beauty. However, with so many options available, finding your ideal watch becomes a daunting task. Moreover, accidentally buying an expensive female watches that doesn’t suit your personality would be regrettable.

Therefore, here are some beautiful yet expensive female watches from prestigious brands. These watches, apart from being a style statement, can prove to be a valuable addition to your accessories.


Vacheron Constantin Female Watches

When it comes to Swiss watches, Vacheron Constantin is a renowned name. Since the 18th century, it manufactured some of the most complicated female watches to date. In the 21st century, however, it came up with a new ‘Overseas’ series.

The Small Model of the Overseas series is a mechanical watch. However, you do not need to wind it as it does that by itself. Besides, it comes with three metallic bracelet options that you can easily change by yourself.

Not to mention, it also features 84 diamonds that surround its copper-coloured dial.

The Best Female Watches And Brands

The Best Female Watches And Brands

Omega Female Watches

Omega is yet another manufacturer of quality Swiss watches. This brand highlights its origin in Bienne, Switzerland, through its timepieces. However, these timepieces can burn holes in your wallet. Still, you’ll not regret buying one.

Moreover, this brand has an essential role in history. In 1917 and 18, the combat units of the US military chose these watches as timekeepers because of their precision.

Now, let’s come to the present. For women, our best pick is the Omega mg_8569.

It keeps a balance in terms of styling and has an overall classic look. Additionally, it has up to 99 feet of water resistance and a real quartz crystal.

Also, it has an anti-glare dome which improves legibility.


Patek Philippe Female Watches

It will not be wrong to call Patek Philippe’s 7150/150r, a masterpiece. It is a mechanical watch. Therefore, you will need to wind it every time you wear manually.

Although many people do not prefer these kinds of watches, for some, they are a pleasure. Moreover, this watch’s diamond-studded bezel and rose gold case give it that royal “feminine” look.

The Best Female Watches And Brands

The Best Female Watches And Brands


Longines is a pretty old Swiss watchmaker.

It has been working since 1832, providing excellent quality watches to the people. Moreover, this company always delivers precise and elegant watches that can steal your heart in a minute.

Currently, the Swatch group owns this Swiss brand. Surprisingly, Longines hasn’t changed their logo since 1889.

Their women’s watches have a feminine touch to them and hence are perfect for gifting. Besides, it’s “Elegance Elegant” watch is coloured in rose gold and silver. These colours make it one of the most beautiful female watches.


Hermès Female Watches

The Cape Cod is yet another one of the many female watches from this Swiss manufacturer. It comes with easily swappable straps and a dial of “Pearl” colour. Although it does not have many complicated parts, it still looks very slick and elegant.

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