Top 10 Most Popular Quartz Watch For Men - Top 10 Most Popular Quartz Watch For Men -

Top 10 Most Popular Quartz Watch For Men

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There are generally two types of wristwatches in the world. The first one if expensive and less accurate. The second one is way more precise and easy to maintain. And the best thing about this fact is that the last one is the most popular. The quartz watches are something a beginner should consider not because they are great, but also because they catch lots of attention. There are so many reliable brands available on the market to choose from, but picking one among them is not that easy. Thankfully for you, we have compiled a list of 10 fashionable quartz watch for men to choose from.

Top 10 Most Popular Quartz Watch For Men

Top 10 Most Popular Quartz Watch For Men

1.Timex Expedition Scout Chrono

When you say Quartz, I hear ‘affordable watch.’ And when you talk about affordable watches, let’s talk about Timex. Though there are so many brands and models available, the Timex Expedition Scout Chrono is most favorite. Its sundials can count 1/20th of a second, 60 seconds, and 30 minutes.  Moreover, it is a perfect watch for a classy and fashionable look.

2.Withings Activite Pop: Awesome Quartz Watch

The Withings Activite Pop is a minimalist watch that does not track seconds or hours. But with it, you can follow your daily activity level. You need to pair it to your smartphone app and stay active on your physical fitness.

3.Braun BN0035

A German consumer products company manufactures Braun BN0035, and they are ruling with this design for more than 30 years. These watches have a clean and minimalist design that is good in high-quality performance.

4.Tissot Swiss Quartz Watch

This Swiss Quartz watch is stylish and of modern design that has Roman numeral indexes along with a 38mm face. Its date window is at three o’clock. Its angular look makes it fit into any wrist type and makes it look beautiful.

5.Victorinox Men’s Watch: Perfect Quartz Watch

The Victorinox Men’s Watch has a large 43mm display case and a black bezel. You can take it to the water with your eyes closed, and you can easily read it at night. According to your preference, you can pick from stainless steel style or Nato strap.

6.Casio G-Shock

Casio G-Shock ensures you can easily keep track of the time regardless of what you are doing. Moreover, it is readable in low light condition and is also waterproof and shockproof.

7.A101 Aviator Watch

When you are looking for a wristwatch that is simple to read in low light conditions, you can rely on the A101 Aviator Watch. This Japanese model timepiece is as reliable as it is beautiful.

8.Citizen Super Titanium

Among all the clock that you have come across, Citizen Super Titanium is the coolest one. It charges on solar panels and comes with a stylish look, great functionalities, and a reasonable price.

9.Bulova Moon Watch

It comes in both black and white color schemes and features a high frequency of 262 kHz quartz movement. Hence, you can say that it is a perfect choice for astronauts.

Top 10 Most Popular Quartz Watch For Men

Top 10 Most Popular Quartz Watch For Men

10.Mondaine Stop2go

This Mondaine Stop2go model is stylish and fun and comes with some unique abilities. This quartz watch when hits 12, it stops for two seconds. Hence, you can say it is fun for all the while.

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