Your Guide To Buying The Best Men’s Watch - Your Guide To Buying The Best Men’s Watch -

Your Guide To Buying The Best Men’s Watch

Your Guide To Buying The Best Men’s Watch

Are you ready to drop a wad of cash to buy an expensive watch? Hold up! Although it may be your first ‘luxury’ watch; It is better to do some research before you empty that bag full of money on the counter. Buying a watch can be as confusing as solving a Rubix cube (unless you know how to solve one). However, don’t worry as we have the perfect guide to help you buy your first expensive men’s watch.


Men’s Watch – Gather Some Knowledge


The first and foremost step before going out in the market is to gather knowledge and educate yourself. There are countless articles on the internet (such as this one) that will help you know your watch better. Also, soon, you will start developing a taste of these timepieces. So, you will easily find one that suits your personality. After you know your preferences, try to look them up in various brands. You can also check out the latest watch designs if you did not find anything suitable yet. Slowly, you will inch forward to buying your perfect men’s watch.

Your Guide To Buying The Best Men’s Watch

Your Guide To Buying The Best Men’s Watch

 Men’s Watch – Digital Or Analog


Another choice is whether to buy a digital men’s watch or an analogue one.

  • A digital watch has an LCD to in which it represents the current time ‘digitally.’

Moreover, they come packed with many features, like alarms, timers, and stopwatches. However, people do not wear fully digital watches nowadays.

  • An Analog watch has dials and hands to represent time. Although they are in circulation since the longest time, they are still ‘in fashion.’ Moreover, analogue watches give manufacturers much customizability. Some have quartz crystals, while others used changes in gravity to operate.

Moreover, many watchmakers combine the above two categories into a single watch. Some of them look good enough to be worn even with formals.


 Types Of Watches


Analog watches are of three types. They are:

  • Mechanical watches: They are the oldest kind of watches requiring spring tension and cogs to operate. Also, you have to wind them every day before going out for work. While some people like this feature, others do not.


  • Automatic Watches: Automatic watches are the most trendy these days. They generate power from the movement of your hands, which causes gravity to wind them automatically. However, if not used for long periods, you may require a winder to start them up mechanically.


  • Quartz Watches: These use a quartz crystal that vibrates at a specific frequency if supplied with an electric current. Although these require batteries, you do not need to change them very often.
Your Guide To Buying The Best Men’s Watch

Your Guide To Buying The Best Men’s Watch



One of the essential things is how easy it is for you to ‘read’ your watch. You may buy a very complicated timepiece with many moving parts such as tourbillons and chronographs. However, if it is not legible and you have to squint hard to make out the time, it is pointless. Therefore, take the utmost care that you buy one from which you can tell the time.


So these were a few crucial points you need before buying your ideal men’s watch. Keeping them in mind will help you avoid making some regrettable blunders and will also save your money.

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